Tree Removal

From time to time, landowners in the Williamsburg Area require tree removal assistance. Whether a dying tree poses a potential hazard to underlying structures, or a dead tree blocks a driveway, we offer skilled assistance. Contact us now to obtain our help clearing away these hazards. We offer fast, courteous service!

Picture of tree service man cutting through a tree with an orange chainsaw
Arborist is up in a tree with climbing gear and is safely cutting down tree in a crowded residential area with a chainsaw

A Well Equipped Company

Many real estate owners in Virginia lack the correct tools and equipment to remove fallen trees quickly and efficiently. A single trunk may weigh hundreds of pounds. Simply hauling away this type of obstruction poses logistical challenges. Our company has invested in all of the technology required to expedite the tree disposal process. Whether you seek the collection and removal of a single tree or the removal of a large group of trees, we furnish an excellent resource.

Obtain Rapid Yard Cleanup Assistance

Harsh weather systems sometimes inflict extensive damage upon trees in the Williamsburg Area. Cleaning up after a passing storm burdens many businesses and homeowners. Williamsburg Tree Care offers a helpful service. We respond quickly to request for our assistance. Our customers know they can rely on us to clear away fallen trees and branches in a timely (and safe) manner. 

Comprehensive Cleanup Services

When we remove downed trees and heavy branches, we make sure we completely clear fallen vegetation from the impacted site. Customers who contact Williamsburg Tree Care don’t need to worry their grounds will appear untidy after we haul away dead trees, for example. We remove both the trunk and any fallen branches and leaves. Our team of skilled arborists takes great pride in restoring the customer’s yard to an attractive, clean condition.


large top section of damaged tree has fallen on the ground.
Tree service professional cutting section of felled tree with a chainsaw