Stump Grinding

Consider requesting our stump grinding services to enjoy permanent, rapid stump removal. Leaving a dead stump in the ground potentially wastes gardening space. Additionally, it may expose other plant and trees in the vicinity to harmful plant diseases and insect infestations. Today, the weight of expert authority urges landowners to obtain complete stump removal.

Picture of fallen tree and tree stump in the woods
Stump grinder closeup cutting stump in the midde of a grassy area


Remove Unwanted Trees Permanently

Removing some types of stumps proves important in maintaining the health of stylish yards in Virginia, in fact. Some species of hardy trees use shoots and runners to regenerate from the trunk. Leaving a stump in the ground may pose a risk of eventual tree renewal. This problem proves exasperating to landowners working to eliminate some kinds of invasive trees from their properties. Ask us to grind up old stumps to solve this problem.


Stump Grinding: A Rapid Process

Williamsburg Tree Care uses automated tools to grind down stumps quickly and efficiently. When you request this service, you won’t face steep landfill charges later disposing of the remnants of old stumps. Our state-of-the-art tools help us completely dispose of deeply embedded tree roots. Since some species of termites find dead tree stumps attractive, the complete removal of a stump may assist a property owner in reducing threats from wood-eating insects. Termite colonies sometimes populate a dead tree stump first, but later relocate to wood-framed man-made structures.


Restore Your Grounds to a Pristine Condition

Eliminating old stumps offers a number of other practical benefits. One of the most important relates to the use of the site. Why permit a dead stump to occupy several square feet of your yard? Call Williamsburg Tree Service to clear away this obstruction so you can use your land constructively again. Enjoy more lawn space, or select new plantings for this location. By grinding down old stumps, we help property owners regain access to a valuable asset.


picture of tall tree stump