Emergency Tree Care

Every year, some homes and businesses in this part of Virginia sustain costly losses due to unexpected tree damage. A harsh storm system producing high winds and lightning may injure or kill trees. These incidents sometimes create serious safety hazards.

Dead and dying trees may cause serious injuries to the public. An unsteady tree may fall over without warning, potentially harming pedestrians or passing vehicles. Contact Williamsburg Tree Care to help evaluate the condition of your trees after a storm system passes through the community.

A Useful Emergency Tree Service

We offer an emergency tree service to assist property owners in the Williamsburg Area. Climate change has increased the risk of injury in Virginia from powerful storm systems. Harsh weather may seriously damage trees. Homeowners who fail to assess this type of loss may not even realize a dead or dying tree on their property poses a health and safety risk to their loved ones.

Request Our Services

Contact our emergency tree service after a severe storm. We’ll visit your property and evaluate the condition of your trees. Our experienced arborists possess extensive experience assessing the health and vitality of trees in this region. We’ll let you know if we notice any problem potentially impacting the health of trees in your yard.

An Important Goal

By helping our customers maintain strong, healthy trees, we know we perform a valuable service. Williamsburg Tree Care helps alert customers to trees remaining at high risk of toppling over during strong winds. We help customers maintain safer, more secure grounds by notifying them when possible tree-related problems arise. Use our service to detect possible tree damage quickly and efficiently. If we believe a tree in your yard might fall onto cars, man-made structures, or passing vehicles, we’ll let you know about these risks right away. Our service brings greater peace of mind to responsible property owners in the Williamsburg, Virginia area!


picture of tree that has fallen on power lines and home