Tree Service in Williamsburg Virginia

Any homeowner with trees on their property will require tree service at some point. It is best to have regular maintenance done to trees to help keep them in good shape and make sure they’re as healthy as possible. If a tree is suffering from any issues, they can be caught faster, and the tree may be able to be saved. In some cases, it may also be necessary to have a tree removed. For all tree-related needs, it’s a good idea to hire a pro for help. Professionals are highly trained and experienced, so they can help with trimming, tree removal, and stump removal, depending on what is needed for a property. 



Tree Service Professional at Williamsburg Tree Care cutting tree limb with chainsaw
picture of large tree and branches


Why Hire a Pro for Tree Care?

Most homeowners try to save money wherever possible. Those that are handy around the home may tackle DIY projects, so they don’t have to spend as much money on projects. When it comes to tree services, however, it’s a much better idea to hire a pro than to try to do it alone. There are a number of reasons why it’s better to hire a pro to do the job.

Know When to Cut the Branches – Pros know when to cut the branches to avoid potential issues that could seriously injure or kill the tree. If the branches are cut at the wrong time of year, for instance, the tree may not be able to heal properly, which could lead to the death of the tree. 

Know How and Where to Cut the Branches – Trees are susceptible to a variety of diseases, some of which can occur if the cut from a branch doesn’t heal properly. Professionals know where to cut the branches to avoid this and how to cut the branches, so they fall properly. 

Know Which Branches to Cut – Cutting too many branches can mean the tree doesn’t get enough energy from light to be able to thrive. It could also mean too many wounds that need to heal all at once, so the tree might not survive. A professional knows which branches to cut and how to avoid cutting too many. 

Know How to Remove a Tree Without Damage – When a tree is removed, it needs to be done carefully to avoid damaging anything below the tree or causing injuries. Professionals know when to cut the tree into pieces, how to direct the fall of the tree, and how to minimize the potential for any damages when a tree is removed. 

Have the Right Equipment and Training – Due to the strength of wood, specialized tools are often needed when cutting or removing a tree. Ladders are frequently used to allow professionals to reach higher branches. The pros have the training needed to use all of this equipment properly and safely. 

Dangers of DIY Tree Care

Along with knowing how to handle tree trimming or removal, experts know how to stay safe. Some of the dangers of DIY tree care involve the following. 

Injury to Self – The homeowner doing the trimming could fall off an unstable ladder, be injured by the chainsaw or other equipment they’re using, or be injured when a branch starts to fall. 

Injury to Others – It’s possible for anyone under the tree to be hit by a falling branch or the tree itself if it’s being removed. Injuries can be severe if someone is hit by even a smaller branch, depending on how far it falls.

Damage to Property – It is very likely that a tree will not go where it’s supposed to if someone inexperienced tries to cut down a tree. It’s also very likely that a branch will fall in an unexpected way. Both of these can cause damage to any property near the tree.


Tree Trimming Services

Trees may need to be trimmed or cut as much as once per year. Fast-growing trees may need to be trimmed a little bit more frequently, while slow-growing trees can often go longer between being trimmed. When a tree does need to be trimmed, a tree cutting service can do it properly. Professionals take all safety constructions and make sure the tree is trimmed properly, so the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about damages or any issues with the tree in the future. 

Tree Removal Services

While every effort is made to help trees grow as healthy as possible, there may be times when tree removal is necessary. Homeowners may call for a tree removal service if the tree is dying and at risk of falling or if it’s growing too close to a building and will likely cause or continue to cause damage to the building in the near future. 

A professional can handle the tree service removal for any tree, no matter the size or the location, and will remove it quickly and safely. They can safely remove trees that are growing too close to a building or power lines, that are starting to lean over the property, and suffering from other issues that could make it more difficult to remove. 

Stump Removal Services

Once a tree is removed, the stump needs to be taken care of. While many people do let the stump stay and break down over time, it can attract pests like ants or termites. Instead, if the stump from a tree needs to be removed, whether it’s from a tree recently cut down or one that has been removed a long time ago, talk to a pro about stump removal. There are several ways to remove stumps. Williamsburg Tree care has the right equipment to quickly and safely remove any tree stump on the property. 

How to Find the Right Company

When homeowners need help with the trees on their property, finding the right company to work with is vital. The right company has experienced professionals on the team, is dedicated to keeping all trees healthy and is able to do the tree care properly. Professionals know trees, know the care they need, and know how to provide the care while minimizing or eliminating the potential for injuries or damages. An arborist can take a look at a tree, let the homeowner know what care is needed, and what can be done to keep the tree healthy. 

Saving Money on Tree Care

Hiring a pro is the best way to get the care trees need, but it can be expensive, depending on the care needed, the size of the tree, and more. When homeowners want to save money, it may seem like they’ll want to find the cheapest tree service, but that isn’t always true. Instead, look for the best tree service, regardless of price. Then, homeowners can ask about special discounts or other incentives that can help them save money while taking proper care of the trees on their property. 

All trees need great care to help them grow properly. If they need to be trimmed or homeowners need to have a tree removed, professionals can help. A professional will offer a variety of tree care services designed to make sure trees are healthy and in good shape. At Williamsburg Tree Care, we strive to make sure every homeowner is happy with the care we provide for their trees, and we try to keep costs low, so homeowners can get the right help without spending more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help care for the trees on your property or to schedule tree services.